Center for species conservation
and experience of nature

as a center for species conservation and experience of nature is a project of Interessengemeinschaft artgerechter Raubtierschutz (IGAR) e.V., for whose realisation partners are wanted urgently. The aims of are the  statutory aims. For a species conservation and natural experience center, that's meeting these aims, this means the following:

  • Specialisation on endangered carnivore species
  • Generous, nature-oriented enclosures with additional "furniture"
  • Social animal keeping, according to the wildlife
  • Population management
  • Feeding appropriate to the species as well as activity programmes for the animals
  • Research that is practical oriented and relevant for nature protection
  • Emotionalising und awareness endowing involvement of visitors
Visitor magnet carnivore: Margay

In the interests of the animals are the main focus. The visitor will "only" be a guest in the world of the animals!

Depending on the location there are several variations in which it could be realised.